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Mr. G

Teaching picked me. I did education in university, and within the first 2 weeks of being a teacher I was enjoying myself.

I have been a teacher for twenty nine and a half years;

  • Started in Lenana School-May 1990 to Dec 1991,
  • Christopher’s Sec. School-January 1992 to August 2009,
  • Hillcrest Sec. School-September 2009 to August 2011,
  • Rusinga School-September 2012 to present.

I started as a Maths and Physics teacher and now I teach Physics to A level and Chemistry IGCSE notably many students have fond memories of the time I spent with them.

As I teach I coach rugby to my students i would referee schools’ matches which got me refereeing official matches up to the Provincial level. Consequently I was then pulled into the National league matches and onto International ones.

I embarked on rugby as a Form one student in Lenana School which was compulsory for all students at the time. Rugby is a game that incorporates human values like endeavour, fortitude, and teamwork. It also caters for all types of bodies and ability like fast runners, slow ones, and bulky ones, even small bodied players who have a big heart and can think on their feet.

Sports and outdoor activities are important as they give one an opportunity to learn group dynamics and team work in a less formal situation. One gets to feel part of a team, and therefore society. Leadership qualities can be seen in such activities as the team needs a leader. This is in addition to the health benefits.

I enjoy physical activities and keeping fit. I like to feel some strength in my body.

Hiking experience;

  • Kenya 19 times across from Chogoria to Naro Moru 14 times and been to Pt. Lenana 15 times.
  • Longonot countless times 40+, usually going round the crater.
  • Ngong Hills plenty of times too 40+. I enjoy camping.

I have scuba dived 4 times and snorkelled severally though I am a poor swimmer.

In almost all these activities I have been the planner including one Mt Kenya hike for street boys of Karen in 1998.

Important values I believe are honesty, integrity, hard work, family and societal values, and a sense of adventure. Life is to be enjoyed not endured.

Nissi Admentor-Ngong Hills-55

Esther N. Gachoya

A dynamic Kenya Registered Nurse with 19 years of working experience in;

  • Critical Care at Nairobi Hospital,
  • Cardiac Nursing at the Nairobi Heart Clinic
  • Cardiac Nursing Fortis Malar Hospital in India
  • Matron at the Karen Hospital.
  • Director at Ava Medicare

Esther Gachoya has participated in nursing research and authored several articles in The Nairobi Hospital Journal.

She developed professional clinical competences in developing policy manuals for hospitals, capital expenditure budgets, hospital strategic planning, recruitment of nursing staff and medical legal case reporting.

Co-founding director of AvaMedicare limited.

Qualified trainer for emergency courses.

I enjoy outdoor activities, hiking expeditions as well as camping. I have climbed;

  • Kenya to point Lenana
  • Aberdares Satima to the summit
  • Longonot and
  • Ngong hills.