Key Offerings

What Nissi Admentor offers

With today’s generation glued to their smart phones, computers, television and video games Nissi Admentor has set out to make the outdoors fun and accessible to all at affordable rates including;


School holiday programs

Mentorship and character building activities and trips

Organising, coordinating and facilitating trips for individuals, schools and church groups


We offer camping activities where the participants get to learn how to set up tents, clean up after themselves, cook and enjoy the outdoors as well as nature.


Team building, fortitude and mentoring activities are carried out by our well trained team under the watchful eye of Mr. G.


School Holiday Plans

We understand the struggle of keeping your children entertained during the long school holidays, this is what we at Nissi Admentor do best. We have calendar events for all long school holidays as well as mid-terms with wholesome fun activities for youth.

Our school holiday programs which are full of fun, laughter, character building and fun activities.

We have various age groups that take part in our trips which are;

10 - 12 years

12 - 14 years

15 - 17 years

Young Adults


Easter Holidays

We have 2 week Easter Holiday programme that happens during April.


Summer holidays

Our summer holiday plan happens during July – August.


December Holidays

Our end of year school holiday programme takes place between November and December

Customised trips and activities

If you have a group of 5 or more children upon your request we can create a customised activity and or camping trip for you.